Morgen’s homeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!Β  I’m so excited, you guys.Β  My lovely little Albino baby.Β  If you’re on DoA you can find his box opening by clicking here.Β  Expect lots of spam in the futureβ™₯β™₯

It snowed today, so we took Prince out in it.Β  I really like pictures where doll owners have their hands (or selves) in with their dolls so don’t mind mine.Β  We were going for a walk.

γ€ŒYou were light as a feather,
as if to fly away if I blew.」

γ€ŒI will hide you within here.」

γ€ŒI’m frozen in time with you.」

Sorry for the boring photo, just a comparison of heights for anyone interested.Β  Ringdoll Grown vs the new double jointed body from Dollzone (without thigh joints).

γ€ŒUnderstand how my heart
Wants to forever keep you near」

γ€ŒIs it okay to believe that we were once in loveοΌŸγ€

γ€ŒI understand…
I understand enough that we’ve come to this end.」

A Prince and his King.

γ€ŒI’m here now.」